About us

RÊVERIE – French for ‘a daydream’
We are a small, Irish-owned, female-led business based in Dublin.
Founded by Emma Fraser, owner & founder of Nine Crows, Not Another Intl. & Heritage Vintage. After over twelve years in the business of selling vintage, RÊVERIE is representative of the evolution of the Nine Crow’s customer’s style – an older sister of sorts!
“When we were facing into the second lockdown I decided that if I had to close my stores again, I would use the time to focus on bringing RÊVERIE to life. We had six weeks of no stores and no distractions and I was able to put all of my focus and energy into this new brand.” - Emma
RÊVERIE was established in the height of lockdown in November ’20. Having collected one-of-a-kind vintage pieces throughout the years, Emma was inspired to create an online space that both the modern vintage lover and a stranger to preloved could shop seamlessly. A carefully curated space for luxury pieces, where the typical hard work of scouring through rails clothing has already been done - hence rêverie being born!
“We want our customers to feel like they can dress in a current way without having to buy something brand new. Vintage fashion is about loving pieces from the past and bringing them into the future. It’s making the right style choices and wearing your values.” - Katie
Investment pieces you’ll cherish forever. Ethical style choices made easy. That’s RÊVERIE.
We’re happy we found and to have you on our journey with us.
Love always,
The Team x