Product Name  :  Giorgio Armani Wool Scarf
Product Details  : Stunning two tone black and brown Armani wool scarf. Please see the pictures for more details and proof of authenticity. This piece is in excellent condition bar some balling.

Size : N/A 
Measurements : 14 inches wide, 62 inches long
Model measurements : N/A
Made in : Italy
Brand : Giorgio Armani
Colour : Brown and black
Composition : Not stated but we think it's pure wool
Care Instructions : Seek the advice of a professional when caring for this item.

Quality Note
Please be mindful that before meeting Rêverie this piece has been loved in a
previous life. While we want to add garments only of the highest quality to your
wardrobe, some pieces may tell their tale through some minor imperfections.
Choosing this item continues its life, so you can be confident that you’re making an honest and ethical style choice. By doing so you are reducing your carbon footprint and revisiting the past in order to preserve our future.